Royal Mansour Marrakech

The Royal Mansour is the result of pure inspiration: a dream made real, and a spectacular recreation of a beautiful way of life. The very soul of Morocco is reflected in the fulfilment of this vision, one that is faithful to architectural tradition, and honours both heritage crafts and contemporary artistic talent. Yet its most memorable aspect is its sense of welcome – that’s where the real magic happens. Guests come away surprised and happy, charged with all the emotions of an exceptional experience.


The Riads

There are no suites or rooms at Royal Mansour Marrakech. Upon arrival you will be escorted through the Medina and Gardens to your private residence, a traditional Moroccan Riad. The Royal Mansour Marrakech is built upon palatial proportions and exudes a magical charm. This is the only hotel in the world offering that unique concept.
The exquisite Riad architecture spans across three different floors of the utmost secured privacy and enables an exclusive escape to another world.

On the ground floor is a central courtyard surrounding a living room, a bar, a dining room (for the larger Riads) as well as a hall and an outdoor patio. The rooms and bathrooms are on the first floor. You will also find a plunge pool, swimming pool for the larger Riads, a fireplace on the rooftop private terrace overlooking the city of Marrakech and a Moroccan tent.

There are a total of 53 Riads (private residences) of one to four rooms, each uniquely decorated and lavishly appointed in regard of Moroccan authenticity. Indeed, each riad has a distinctive character where beautiful fabrics of silks and brocades, original and contemporary works of art compliment the finest custom made furniture. With a fascinating fusion between tradition and modernity, the Riad roofs are equipped with rain sensors and automatically close at the first drop of rain. 

All Riads offer complimentary high-speed broadband and Wi-Fi internet access and LCD televisions.